Top 14 Classic Thai Food Dishes Make these at home (3)

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    Classic Yellow Curry Chicken

    Thai chicken curry with rice in a bowl

    This classic yellow curry hearkens back to the marketplaces and streets of Bangkok. It’s made with chunks of chicken and potatoes with prepared curry powder or you can make your own curry powder.

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    Bangkok-style Drunken Noodles

    Drunken Noodles

    This spicy noodle dish helps hungry late-night revelers in Bangkok find their way home. You can tone down the chilies if you prefer a milder version. It can be made vegetarian as in this recipe or with shrimp or chicken, according to your taste.

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    Thai Grilled Whole Fish With Coriander-Chili Sauce

    Thai Grilled Whole Fish With Coriander-Chili Sauce

    This traditional Thai fish recipe can be made outdoors on the barbecue or you can pan-fry the fish indoors. Any whole white-fleshed fish can be used, and you’ll love it teamed with the sauce.

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    Thai Fillet of Fish Baked in Banana Leaf

    Thai Baked Fish

    You can use nearly any type of fish fillets for this recipe, including salmon, snapper, cod, or tilapia. You’ll slather them in a fragrant coconut sauce and bake them in banana leaves, tin foil, or parchment paper. Serve it with coconut rice, plain rice, or potatoes.

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