The Best Chinese Food Ranked (6)

Yummy, but eat them when they’re hot: scallion pancakes

The small dishes boasted in Chinese cuisine are really so good — dumplings, rolls, chicken skewers, the list goes on. And another crowd favorite that is sure to please everyone is scallion pancakes. The slightly crispy combination of onion and spices is sometimes too good to be true. Add a dipping sauce, and all bets are off. As noted by China Sichuan Food, scallion pancakes are also called green onion pancakes, or Congyoubing, and are one of the most famous Chinese street foods. It’s a very traditional dish, and although some might order a plate of them as an appetizer, people in China often opt for the dish as a breakfast item.

The culinary website also notes that there are different kinds of scallion pancakes in the varying areas of China. “In northern provinces, scallion pancake[s] [are] thinner, chewy and with less oil,” China Sichuan Food notes. “In Southern China, for example, Shanghai, scallion pancakes are thicker and fried with a larger amount of oil and create a even more crispy shell and softer inner part.” Both sound excellent. So why is this traditional recipe and fan favorite lower on the ranking? Because in our experience, you have to be prepared to eat them as soon as they’re ready. No one wants a cold, chewy scallion pancake.


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