The Best Chinese Food Ranked (4)

Simple but effective: Kung Pao shrimp

One of the cooking methods used in Chinese cuisine is stir-frying. As you may have seen in authentic Chinese restaurants, chefs use extremely hot, deep woks to cook a variety of dishes, resulting in the mouth-watering entrées we all love. One such dish is Kung Pao shrimp, or really any other Kung Pao dish (think chicken). It’s a classic meal from Sichuan cuisine, and as noted by Red House Spice, it’s pretty easy to make at home.

If opting for the made-from-scratch method, however, you have to use a very specific style of cooking: Huá Chǎo. As previously stated, the woks used to cook many Chinese dishes are heated at incredibly high temperatures. As such, the Huá Chǎo method consists of preparing everything you need before putting the wok on the heat and getting started with the cooking. So make sure that your shrimp is peeled and deveined, that you have all your soy sauces and vinegars measured out for the sauce, that your chilis are halved and deseeded, and that all the veggies are prepared.

Once you get to the cooking, everything moves fairly quickly. Your protein of choice, shrimp in this situation, should stay tender, and your veggies should retain a little bit of a crunch. In the traditional version of the dish, the peanuts included are deep-fried. (Sounds great.) So make sure to prepare, cook quickly, and don’t burn yourself.


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